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Spynamics - User Instructions - Head

Head Positions:

There are also different head positions using the Spynamics Sacro Aligner possible:


1. Acupressure Therapy on Bladder Meridian Point BL 10:

Simply rest the head onto the aligner with the occiput at the humps and the skull in the cradle
(see photo). Stay there as long as you feel comfortable and we recommend a few minutes but not longer than 15 minutes to avoid discomfort.


aligner head positions



2. Still Point Position:


The Spynamics Sacro Aligner provides suboccipital inhibition which produces a relaxation in the deep suboccipital muscles that are often the culprits in many cases of headaches and migraine.

To achieve this simply rest the head onto the aligner in-between the ears.

Relax, breathe normal and stay there up to 10 minutes.

Do this maximum twice daily.

This is similar to a still point like in some cranio-sacral treatments.

This is also an excellent migraine therapy!


aligner head position still point



Caution: Do not use this tool in cases of recent accidents, severe osteoporosis, high fever, acute stroke, acute heart trouble, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral aneurysm, brain and spine tumors.
If you suffer from any other serious health condition check with your physician first before using this tool!



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