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Spynamics - User Instructions - Sacrum


Sacrum Alignment Position:

To use the Spynamics Sacro Aligner as Self Help Tool for the proper alignment of the sacrum simply lay onto it with the head of the Aligner just under the coccyx area and the two humps exactly left and right of the lower lumbar spine.


Sacrum Alignment Positions

Sacrum Alignment Positions 2



Sacrum Alignment Movements:

Once in place start by making 3 different movements each for approx. 15 seconds and a total of 1 - 3 minutes and then simply rest and relax on the tool for up to 10 minutes (or less if uncomfortable). Do this as often as desired during the day (Min. 2 x daily).

» You may start with any of the featured movements first however if you have trouble doing more active movements we recommend to start in the following sequence:


1. Move Hip (Pelvis) in a rocking motion down and up (towards feet and back towards head)


Sacrum Movement up and down



2. Move (rock) Hip (Pelvis) slightly left to right, do not tilt more than 30 degrees (i.e. knees must not touch the floor!)


Sacrum Movement Pelvistilt



3. Move legs (from the hips) up and down. It is possible with angled knees (easier) or stretched out legs (more difficult). The movement amplitude can be around 30cm (1 foot) more or less as desired.


Sacrum Movement Leg up and down



» Note: Always stay relaxed and breathe normal

Do not exercise if it is too uncomfortable or causing pain!

Caution: At the end stand up slowly and careful to avoid dizziness!


» Download Instructions sacrum (pdf)



» You may also watch the Video Demonstration for all exercises with the Spynamics Sacro Aligner



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