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Frequently asked Questions:

The Spynamics Sacro Aligner can be used by anybody form a body height of 140cm and above.

There are no differences for male, female or adolescent users.

The design may fit to users below 140cm which should be tried individually.

There is no user body weight limit.

There is no maximum age limit.

Children and Teenagers should only use the tool under adult supervision.

Persons with artificial joints can safely use the Spynamics Sacro Aligner.

It is completely safe to use the Spynamics Sacro Aligner since the user has absolute control and responsibility.

The tool is not actively influencing the user but guiding the structure passively due to its unique design and during the movements performed by the user.

Natural self protection mechanisms (i.e. reflex controlled tensioning of muscles in case of pain during use) will ensure that the user is safe before any injury can happen.

If unsure please check with a professional health care provider first before starting any exercises.

Yes and only a few: Do not use this tool in cases of recent accidents, severe osteoporosis, high fever, acute stroke, acute heart trouble cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral aneurysm, brain and spine tumors.

If you suffer from any other serious health condition check with your physician first before using this tool!

Yes and only a few: In the beginning the use of the Spynamics Sacro Aligner with or without wedge may be a little uncomfortable due to existing or arising body and muscle tensions that usually ease within a few days.

Do NOT exercise if it is causing to much discomfort or pain before or during use!

In case of any pain during active use (with movements) you may first try to reduce actions to a tolerable limit and stop if pain is not reducing.

Sometimes it is better to start with less active movements (see Instructions), like a simple rocking motion of the pelvis, first.

It is better to use the Spynamics Sacro Aligner more frequently (often) than using it too intensive in one session.

We recommend a minimum use of 2 times a day (for a few minutes only) for a period of minimum 6 to 8 weeks. Later the use can be adjusted individually depending on the situation and we recommend to do regularly preventive exercises as a maintenance routine.

The Spynamics Sacro Aligner should be used before and after other sports activities.

It should be used before and after any stretching exercises.

It is recommended to use the tool after longer sitting periods and after sitting with crossed legs.

It is recommended to use the tool after longer drives in a car, train, airplane etc.

First find the correct position on the tool and relax for a few moments with the full body weight on the Spynamics Sacro Aligner.

Breathe normal (best deep and slow) throughout the exercise routine.

It may be best to start with less active movements (see Instructions page) before attempting more active exercises.

If problems arise in the beginning try to place a softer mat under the Spynamics Sacro Aligner or even start using a thicker mattress first.

It is possible to use it in the bed.

Increase the firmness of the mat gradually after the body got used to the tool only.

Make breaks if necessary! (during exercising or in-between sessions if not feeling well)

Although we designed the decompression wedge for people with spinal disc problems it is recommend for everybody to use the Spynamics Sacro Aligner together with the decompression wedge in the very beginning of the exercise routine for 1 to 2 minutes only.

Please note: The old Decompression wedge (in use until 2019) is no longer being produced and it is now replaced by the Spine Aligner!

Do not use the decompression wedge (Spine Aligner as wedge with the Sacro Aligner) if it is causing too much discomfort or pain!

The wedge can be used as preparation for the active and dynamic Self-Realignment exercises with the Spynamics Sacro Aligner and may due to its relaxing effect enhance the Re-alignment process during the normal use of the tool.

Caution: During the first few days using this tool the body may show some adjustment reactions which can occasionally be a little unpleasant.

This is usually a healing reaction and should be gone latest after one week. If you are not sure about these reactions please consult your doctor first before you continue the exercises.

Reactions may include but are not limited to: Dull muscular pain like after a gym workout, light flue like symptoms, changes in toilet habits, mood changes, less or more appetite.

Of course many positive reactions like: Less pain, more energy, better breathing ability, less tensions, better organ functions, more balance sexual life, better digestion etc. are very likely.

From my experience I have found that many people have great stress in the SIJ and lumbar area and the sacrum tends to nutate forward.
The Sacro Aligner works against this tendency by a gentle counter-pressure at the Coccyx area (head of the Sacro Aligner), so that the sacrum again nutates backwards. This can be reinforced by using the Spine Aligner as a decompression wedge. However, the humps of the Spine Aligner prevent too much back-nutating of the sacrum and therefore do not promote hyperextension. Since the devices work passively but promote mobilization through active movements and the structures can ultimately achieve their best possible (natural) alignment, the respective (genetically predetermined) structural predisposition is not manipulatively changed.
From now almost 15 years of experience with the Sacro Aligner I can state: regular use reduces the stress on the intervertebral discs in the lumbar region through an alignment of the SIJ and self-regulating mobilization of the attaching structures. Hyperlordosis and hypolordosis alike show improvements that often require several months of regular practice.

  • Enough drinking = Minimum 2 Ltr./day but only very little Alcohol, not too much Coffee, not too much pure Juices (better to mix with water!), best is clean water, herbal tea, water-juice mixes. Avoid Energy drinks and artificial flavored drinks and soft drinks. Most important: No longer drinking breaks (= drink regulary), recommended is 200ml liquid every 2 hours!

  • Integrative medicine: Try to combine different medical and therapeutic approaches with self help rather than thinking bad about conventional or complementary medicine. Each condition should be seen as a special individual case that may require more than just one single approach.

  • Other exercises: Moving the body, training heart, lung and muscles is a must! Minimum 2 x week for 20 to 30 minutes! It is recommended to include the DORN self help exercises into any exercise routine and best before (warm up) and after (cool down) any sport. Today there are many possible training advises freely available on the internet that can also be done at home for people that do not like Gym, Group sport or outdoors.

  • Nutrition: A healthy diet is likely more important than most people think. Eat fresh prepared food whenever possible. Reduce meat and ready made foods. Avoid Junk food. Do not eat more than your system needs to avoid overweight. Add high Quality food supplements in cases of malnutrition or stress. Search nutritional advice from experts to learn your personal best nutrition program. I recommend to add a good Magnesium supplement to the diet as most people do not have sufficient magnesium in their system. Regulary Detox (fasting, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, sweating a.o.) keeps the body's energy level high.

  • Air and Sun: Get enough fresh air and spend as much time in clean outdoors as possible. Get enough Sunlight to allow sufficient Vitamin D production in your body but avoid too much exposure. (20 minutes in bright sun is enough)

  • Love your Life: Enjoy your life, love yourself and others, see problems as challenges and chances, do not hurt yourself, others or the environment and share with others. (everybody has something to share!)

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The Spynamics Sacro Aligner is not a medical tool or substitute for professional medical advice. It is advised to consult your doctor before using this device. The use of this device is at the owners risk.
The Spynamics Sacro Aligner may look a little like other products on the market but is in fact completely different in Material, Purpose, Shape and Science-Background.

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